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Premier West Gears

Polished Gears

Polished Gears

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The REM ISF Process is the ultra-precision application of isotropic superfinishing technology for subtractive manufactured components. The ISF Process is a suite of chemically accelerated surface finishing and polishing technologies that generate low Ra surfaces with non-directional/isotropic surface textures and exceptionally high bearing ratios. The ISF Process can be performed in a variety of standard and/or customized mass-finishing apparatuses in order to execute REM’s unique superfinishing method.


  • Negates need for break-in: REM polishing can smooth off high spots on gears, which can eliminate the need for break-in time.
  • Reduced friction: REM polishing creates a smooth, micro-textured surface that reduces friction, which can extend component life.

Add Quantity to Cart per Ring and Pinion ordered. Example, gear packages require Quantity 2.

Premier West Gears processes our Ring and Pinion's in-house at our Riverside Ca Warehouse. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing and shipment.


**Warranty Note**
Due to processing time and cost, selecting the REM Finish process on Ring and Pinions voids all warranty returns with the exception of structural manufacturing defects. Premier West Gears REM processed thousands of Ring and Pinions with an almost 0% return rate. Correct setup and contact pattern is crucial to long lasting Ring and Pinion performance.

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